Saturday, August 05, 2006

Peter Pan was the name of the bus

Top: Leaving South Stn. Below: Cafe Reggerio[?], MacDougal St, 2006, across from Dylan's old house.

July 27, we headed out from Boston’s South Station – left at 7am - for a summer sojourn in New York. Early morning, people finding their way to bus station. Me and Jacob. Studying inexpensive way to get to and get about the big city of dreams which is not always what it seems.
Sleeping on the Peter Pan bus of endless youth. Reading early English poems and hillbilly essays. Got to Harlem at 11.30 am, went down Adam Clayton Powell Way, and at 125th st, caught a peak at the


[You should have seem them go, go, go.]

Hot, very hot the weather, the sidewalks of New York, where the electricity has been off in a part of Queens for three days….and lower on Broadway, Jake picked out the HQ of Troma Productions. We stayed in Murray Hill, pretty cool. Nice neighborhood. The old away from home stead of Gramercy Park Hotel was closed for renovations. Opening in fact the following week again – after a makeover by Julian Schnapel [well he did keep the old red chairs, probably a mistake] it is probably way upscale and way less fun in its new incarnation. I called Schnapel a usurper. Not too funny to find out that Hezballo Chief calls Israel a ‘usurping entity’ not a country. Well Schnapel usurped my little corner, but Murray Hill Inn, was, well, okay. Did I say the neighborhood was nice?

What Schanpel did do Gramercy, to see the pictures, was to go for the feel of the Reishstag in 1945, elegance, destruction, dark war, and post modern. What a waste of attitude.

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