Friday, August 25, 2006

Burn rate revisted.

Cleaning out the library. Taken back by a tome. To. That time about ten years ago - those thrilling days of yesteryear – when the Web was new, that’s the time well captured in Burn Rate by Michael Wolff. Aptly cover the 24 weeks or so when 'content was king.'

Like many others [including me], Wolff could not resist the opportunity to be a part of a medium in its infant days. His delivery is generally well paced, often witty. It is old news now of course, and says nothing of Google or AOL since its merger with Time. The time capsule effect is for the better...

What is your business model? When Netscape met advertising. The conundrum of the CPM [Cost per Thousand] trade press advertising model. And the larger more targeted more economical online version. Can software tell you what music you may like better than a skilled critic? In those days the folks with the money had not been on the Internet anymore than they have used these days. Would the Internet level magazines? Minimal entry cost, but then what? Users taking control of news delivery systems. Pathfinder. Burning venture capital faster than achieving revenue. If you build it…

It's all there.

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