Sunday, February 19, 2006

Back on the corner, maha, with the crazy gods podcast

-- A review of 23rd st. Tantric Siddhas show invited me to get out the old cut-up technique. The gods of this show are crazy mystics. Craziness as insight has its limits. Recent visit to S.F. showed me the Street Corner Conductors - still recalled. Anyway, poem is based on this article. Pic at left shows what it is about. --

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[NOTE: Our first experience is in. For now, Podcasts will post and then remove in 1 month. If you access this page one month after publication, the podcast link will have expired..sorry. Get it while you can.]

Back on the corner
Back in the days of the Hindu crazies
A holy madness compulsively turned the bloody history wheel.

The karmic machines dropped their little pearls
In the pantheon of sloth and contraption of careful wisdom.

At the same time a picnic of gods would dive into the river
Wash their cultural fabric
Watch the dye eternally flowing
And tree limbs hung with gauzy saris

And the people would ask the siddhas and mahasiddhas
How can I gain wisdom?

That was back when the sun began to move
And the mad monks said
Their ohms over oatmeals and bread.

Oh the holy madness dance. The maha. Blue maha. Dance.

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