Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Yoko Ono News on Yahoo! Music
She apologizes to Paul..Wwwwhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyiiiiiiieeeeeee????

New York Doll - Review - Movies - New York Times
Filmed in the time before his death, Dolls' bassist A. Kane comes across as a soft-spoken, damaged soul who has found refuge and hope in the Mormon Church, in whose Family History Center library he works.

The Alan Lomax Database
Sign up.. treasure of music snippets .. but good stuff.

ESPN Classic - Hutson was first modern receiver
Before there was Jerry Rice...there was Don Hutson..People from Racine knew him for Don Hutson Chevrolet.

Wright in Racine
Journal Times Feature: Frank Lloyd Wright's Racine work on display. There is more than Wingspread and the Johnson Bldg.

From Molecules to Mind Doors of IDG founder Pat McGovern's brain institute at MIT have opened. Advances in brain images have yet to yield much in the age old quest to find what makes thought. Now is the time to figure perception - understanding how you go from A to B.

Been a few years since I got to OOPSLA [it's in Portland next year]. Martin Fowler describes what he saw this year.

The Integrator
Notes on Noyce - founder of Fairchild Semiconductor and IC hero.

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