Friday, October 28, 2005

Too much sweets is gonna rot your teedth

Expert asks if Visual Studio 2005 is too feature rich
ARTICLE - In a speech entitled "Does Visual Studio Rot the Mind?" author Charles Petzold decried Visual Studio's "insistence on writing code" for developers. He criticized aspects of Visual Studio C# code generation. Yet he tentatively welcomed XAML code generation anticipated to ship with future versions of Microsoft's tool set. For its part, VisualStudio 2005 is scheduled to ship November 7. Petzold's comments follow a long tradition. The idea of pedal-to-the-metal coding closely attached to clever algorithms has long been popular with groups of C programmers. Even before C, assembler programmers similarly contented that higher levels of abstraction added overhead and sapped creativity out of programming. Although provocatively titled, Petzold's presentation was not without some fun. He prefaced his major broadsides with an amused review of the idea of "information at your fingertips" through time, touching on films such as Stanley Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey" and the Katherine Hepburn-Spencer Tracy film "Desk Set" in the process. (

Futurism Today
Bucky's world - The Boston Globe
Fullerine happens.

The Playboy Interview: Marshall McLuhan
McLuhan was brilliant, then forgotten, then resurrected a bit with the invention of cyberspace - now what he invented is part of the common agenda. There are a few books and this Playboy interview to depict his thinking.

1926The future.
Amazing Story covers. Starting in 1926.

Charles Babbage Institute
A look at computers in movies.

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